Zheng Shen 申正

I'm an Assistant Professor at the Department of English, Linguistics and Theatre Studies, National University of Singapore.

I'm a linguist who works toward deepening our understanding of human linguistic capacity with cross-linguistic data collected using different methods.

I work
on filler-gap dependency, multi-valuation, agreement with con/disjunction;
in English, Singlish, Chinese, Germanic languages, Slavic languages;
with acceptability judgment, truth value judgment, forced choice, elicitation.

Current team: Myung Hye Yoo (postdoc); Beth Chan (MA student)

Here is my CV as of Sept. 2023. Also, you may find Ling Alert helpful.

  • 2023.8 - Beth Chan, Myunghye Yoo, and Zheng Shen presented their work at SICOGG 25 and ICTEAP-4:
    • Zheng Shen and Myung Hye Yoo: “Processing closest agreement with disjunction subjects”
    • Beth Chan and Zheng Shen: “Conditions on wh-the-hell licensing: Evidence from Colloquial Singapore English”
  • 2023.7 - We hosted the Singapore Summer Meeting 2023
  • 2023.3-5 - Nick and Zheng presented their joint and individual works at HSP 2023. They also presented the joint work at the Workshop on Locality in theory, processing, and acquisition@UPenn, IACL29@Macau, TEAL-13@Taipei
  • 2023.2 - Beth Chan (MA) presents her work on Right Dislocation in Colloquial Singapore English: A Biclausal Movement Account at ConSOLE 2023.
  • 2023.2 - My paper Conjunction Agreement and the Coordinate Structure Constraint is published in Glossa: a journal of general linguistics. doi: https://doi.org/10.16995/glossa.6382

Contact: Office: Block AS5 #05-32, 7 Arts Link, Singapore