Zheng Shen

Beginning in May 2018, I am a Postdoc researcher for the DFG funded project A General Theory of Multivaluation (PIs: Katharina Hartmann, Peter W. Smith) at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. I got my PhD from University of Connecticut in 2018 (my dissertation: Feature Arithmetic in the Nominal Domain).

Here is my full CV. (updated May 2019)

I'm a theoretical linguist who works toward deepening our understanding of human linguistic capacity using cross-linguistic data collected informally and with experiments.

Broadly, my research interests lie in syntax and its interfaces with semantics and morphology. One of my current projects looks into various aspects of multi-valuation where one probe agreeing with multiple goals, thus receiving multiple values. This type of phenomena contribute to theoretical questions regarding typology of agreement, phi feature structure, and mechanisms behind closest conjunct agreement.

My other projects investigate fragment answers, where I use different interpretations of fragment answers and full answers to argue for the movement theory of ellipsis, and superlatives, where I derive cross-linguistic interpretative differences of superlative expressions from syntactic differences. I am also working on the acquisition of superlative expressions with Lyn Tieu.

I started Ling Alert.
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